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Physiotherapy plays a critical role in the care of sports personnel, including athletes, coaches, and even referees. It involves the assessment, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of musculoskeletal injuries, as well as the management of pain and the restoration of movement and function.

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Date : 23rd July, 2023

Time : 09:00 am to 12:00 pm

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Rainbow Apartment

GH-26, GH-26, St Thomas Marg, DLF Phase 5, Sector 43, Gurugram, Haryana 122009

Dr. Harikant and Team – Internationally certified sports physiotherapist.

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Aosm Physio & Wellness Center

Address: C 2/5 Safdarjung Development Area (SDA) Aurobindo Marg New Delhi – 110016

Aosm Physio & Wellness Center

Address: P 890, opposite Ambience Public School, Sector 43, Gurugram, Haryana 122002.

Our Services

At A+OSM centre, our physiotherapy services can be beneficial for sports personnel.

Injury prevention

  • Physiotherapists can work with athletes to identify areas of the body that are prone to injury and develop preventative exercise programs to strengthen those areas.

Rehabilitation after injury

  • Physiotherapists can help athletes recover from injuries by developing individualized treatment plans that include exercises, manual therapy, and other modalities.

Pain management

  • Physiotherapists can help athletes manage pain and inflammation associated with injuries using techniques such as ultrasound, heat or cold therapy, and electrotherapy.

Performance enhancement

  • Physiotherapists can work with athletes to improve their performance by identifying areas that need improvement and developing specific exercises to target those areas.

Education and advice

  • Physiotherapists can provide athletes with education and advice on injury prevention, proper technique, and optimal performance.

About Us

A+ OSM Delhi is the state of the art Orthopaedic, Sports Medicine and Physiotherapy Centre situated in Safdarjung development area in the heart of south Delhi. The central location on Aurobindo marg is on the same line as that of AIIMS hospital and IIT Delhi, giving it clear accessibility by all means to commute including the Metro.

The Centre is headed by internationally trained and qualified sports surgeon and a well renowned physiotherapist expert who excel in the field of orthopaedics, sports related issues, injury prevention, injury management both nonsurgical as well as surgical and physiotherapy with complete rehabilitation to pre-injury state of all the individuals under their care. The primary goal of the team AOSM is to identify your problems quickly and ensure appropriate services of expert sports surgeon with latest cutting-edge technology in the keyhole surgery – Arthoscopic surgery of all joints and physio to reach “fighting fit” physical fitness of our patrons so that they can perform all physical activities they want to without pain and the fear of re-injury.

A+OSM has long history since 2002 of providing exceptional international standard of care to the players of various sports and also to the people of all ages engaging in any physical activity. We have had honour of helping numerous elite athletes, amateur athletes and so many physically active non-sportspersons in getting back their physical independence.

Our vision at A+OSM is to provide latest, evidence-based orthopaedic, sports medicine and physiotherapy services delivered by the team of qualified doctors and courteous staff working together with one joint vision of achieving uncompromised excellence in orthopedic and rehabilitation for our patrons.

Our mission is to be committed to understand the needs of those who were privileged to serve, to earn and maintain their trust and respect by doing more than their expectation and striving forever to improve at all levels.

Areas of expertise

Our physiotherapy is an essential part of the care for you. It will help you stay healthy, recover from injuries, and perform at your best.